Technology Consulting

Technology changes almost overnight, so keeping up with the latest advancements can be quite a challenge. When is the last time you looked at how your business does business? Are you taking advantage of the latest technology to improve efficiency and be more profitable? Do you need occasional support but don’t want to pay an large IT services firm on retainer? Consider Arconix Computers.

Technology Audit

If you haven’t assessed your IT infrastructure in a while, then there’s probably a better way to do what you do. I can perform a full technology audit on your business, analyzing your existing systems and processes, and explain to you what’s working and not working, how you can take better advantage of the technology you already have, and offer targeted improvements with measurable results. Consider it a physical exam for your business. If you’re ready to assess how your business does business, let’s talk.

Technology Deployments

Extensive experience with server and desktop hardware, networking, cloud computing, and power management products gives me a wealth of information to draw from when crafting solutions to business needs. And since I’m not beholden to any particular manufacturer or business method, I have the independence necessary to provide you with the best-fit solution your business deserves. If you’re ready to upgrade how your business does business, let’s talk.

Software Training

Whether your software is brand new or you’ve been using it for a couple years, there’s undoubtedly some little wrinkle you could learn or functionality you’re not taking advantage of. A simple software training could reap huge dividends in you or your staff’s productivity. You bought these tools to help operate your business more effectively, right? If you’re ready to master the tools that run your business, let’s talk.

Technical Support

Technology is fantastic when it works. But what happens when it doesn’t? Hiring an outside IT firm can be burdensome, and expensive. Some require retainers for so many hours per month of support. But what if you only need help on an as-needed basis? On-site (locally), over the phone or through a web browser, I’ll provide the support you need at a reasonable price. If you need support for you or your business, let’s talk.