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Quick Update v1.0.1

I just released v1.0.1 last night… fixed a couple small CSS issues (tabs with longer titles should look much better now) and a goofy problem dealing with which accordion is loaded when a page renders. You can get the update from your WordPress dashboard as it should already be alerting you by now.

Rolling Your Own CSS and Javascript

Normally if you want to modify the css or javascript of a plugin to better integrate with your site or add your own specific functionality, you only had a couple options. Edit the plugin files directly Try to override the css with your own through specificity and !important declarations Add your own javascript files None […]

Shortcodes v1.0 Released

I happy to say I finished up and released version 1.0 of my shortcodes plugin a couple days ago. I completely re-wrote the codebase, improving and cleaning up where possible. I also added a couple requested items — ability to hyperlink to a specific tab and image indicators for the accordions. You can read about […]