Arconix Shortcodes

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Changing Default Attributes

Many shortcodes in the Arconix Shortcodes plugin have options which allow you to alter how the shortcode looks or functions, whether it be to change the default size, color, style, etc… For example, the default button is medium sized and white in color. If I wanted to make a big blue button, I’d enter the […]

New Documentation Site

It took a bit of time but I’ve finally moved all documentation from the Fogbugz wiki to its own dedicated site. You’ll now be able to find the documentation for all my plugins and themes at All documentation links in the plugins already point to the new urls, however you’ll have to update your links […]

New Update – Arconix Shortcodes

A little over a week ago I released my first plugin — Arconix Shortcodes. I just released version 0.9.1, which adds the user-requested ability to control which accordion (if any) loads when the page loads. You can update to the latest version from your WordPress dashboard. If you want to read how to implement this […]

Now Available – Arconix Shortcodes

I’ve released my first plugin for WordPress, Arconix Shortcodes. This is a deliberately small collection of shortcodes meant to enhance the usability and aesthetics of any site. The highlights include: The plugin comes with built-in support for 8 colored buttons in 3 sizes (and with a little CSS knowledge you can extend that infinitely) Tabs […]

Progress Report – Tab Linking

One of the requested features for Arconix-shortcodes v1.0 was to add the ability to link to a specific tab of a tab group. While it seemed easy enough, there were a couple things to keep in mind, and I thought it’d represent a good opportunity share the though process behind choosing the default behavior I […]