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Arconix Shortcodes v1.2.0

Happy New Year everyone! Release version 1.2.0 of Arconix Shortcodes should be live on your dashboards. While you can read the full release notes if you’re so inclined, the main draw of this release for the vast majority of users will be the addition of a “load” parameter to the toggle. The default state is¬†closed, […]

At Long Last – Arconix Shortcodes v1.1

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my shortcodes plugin, and I spent this latest release primarily adding user-requested features. One of the most requested enhancements for this round was adding a compatibility mode to the plugin. With all the other plugins and themes in the WordPress universe that happen to use the same shortcode […]

Quick Update v1.0.1

I just released v1.0.1 last night… fixed a couple small CSS issues (tabs with longer titles should look much better now) and a goofy problem dealing with which accordion is loaded when a page renders. You can get the update from your WordPress dashboard as it should already be alerting you by now.

Shortcodes v1.0 Released

I happy to say I finished up and released version 1.0 of my shortcodes plugin a couple days ago. I completely re-wrote the codebase, improving and cleaning up where possible. I also added a couple requested items — ability to hyperlink to a specific tab and image indicators for the accordions. You can read about […]

Progress Report – Tab Linking

One of the requested features for Arconix-shortcodes v1.0 was to add the ability to link to a specific tab of a tab group. While it seemed easy enough, there were a couple things to keep in mind, and I thought it’d represent a good opportunity share the though process behind choosing the default behavior I […]