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Bug Fix for Users of WooThemes Themes

Normally I don’t post updates on the blog for bug fix releases, but this one has been a thorn in my side — and in the side of a number of you — for a while and I felt it deserving of its own post. Previously, when using my Portfolio or FAQ plugins with any […]

Linking Portfolio Items to Pages

A user on the WordPress forums recently asked when using my portfolio plugin, how could we set up the plugin to link to a portfolio item’s specific page as opposed to a larger version of the featured image. While this should be a fairly straightforward customization, because of the number of themes out there and […]

Long Overdue: Flexslider 1.0

December of 2012. That’s the last time I updated my Flexslider plugin. Truth be told I’ve been trying to update it for the last 7-8 months or so but ran into a real roadblock trying to get the styling right using the latest flexslider script from WooThemes. That roadblock really took the wind out of my sails […]

New Documentation Site

It took a bit of time but I’ve finally moved all documentation from the Fogbugz wiki to its own dedicated site. You’ll now be able to find the documentation for all my plugins and themes at All documentation links in the plugins already point to the new urls, however you’ll have to update your links […]

Preparing a Portfolio

In the continued effort of separating design from content, the next plugin I’ll be releasing is a portfolio plugin. This plugin will enable a user to create various portfolio items for display on their website, while providing them with the flexibility of changing themes without losing data. The plugin utilizes WordPress Custom Post Types and […]