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Arconix FlexSlider Released

Arconix FlexSlider has been released. V0.1 can be downloaded from the WordPress website or added to your website from the WordPress admin page. Documentation can be found here, and help can be found here. Being able to choose which post-type you’d like the widget to work with, along with the image size, make this slider extremely […]

Arconix Portfolio v1.4.0

Another plugin that hasn’t received a great deal of love recently is my portfolio plugin. The last official release was October of 2013. This update brings about a couple of new features, an integration with another Arconix plugin and some general usability improvements. The user-requested feature with this release was the ability to hyperlink the Portfolio […]

Flex, Baby Flex

The latest plugin I’m working on is a responsive slider plugin. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking — Another slider plugin? There are already too many — and to a degree, I can’t argue. The WordPress Extend site is flooded with jQuery sliders, many of which are quite redundant. This plugin is different for 2 […]

FlexSlider Update Released

I released v0.2 of the Arconix FlexSlider plugin last night. While there weren’t any major issues to begin with, I did add a couple user-requested feature: When creating the slider, we only pull in posts (or whatever post type you’re using) which have featured images, ignoring ones that don’t. I added additional image caption options, […]

Flexslider v0.5 released

Having been about six months since the last release and needing some improvements, I recently finished updates to the Flexslider plugin. With this release, some significant strides have been made towards the goal of adapting this plugin to fit more applications. While it still focusing on displaying content that already exists (vs creating a ‘slide’ […]