Changing Default Attributes

Many shortcodes in the Arconix Shortcodes plugin have options which allow you to alter how the shortcode looks or functions, whether it be to change the default size, color, style, etc… For example, the default button is medium sized and white in color. If I wanted to make a big blue button, I’d enter the […]

Linking Portfolio Items to Pages

A user on the WordPress forums recently asked when using my portfolio plugin, how could we set up the plugin to link to a portfolio item’s specific page as opposed to a larger version of the featured image. While this should be a fairly straightforward customization, because of the number of themes out there and […]

Rolling Your Own CSS and Javascript

Normally if you want to modify the css or javascript of a plugin to better integrate with your site or add your own specific functionality, you only had a couple options. Edit the plugin files directly Try to override the css with your own through specificity and !important declarations Add your own javascript files None […]