Arconix Portfolio 1.3 Release

Following the update to Arconix FAQ, I’ve also released an update to my portfolio plugin. The biggest change in this version is that I’ve added the ability to individually configure the link destination for each portfolio item. Previously, it was a universal approach. Either you could link all the portfolio items to an image or […]

Arconix Portfolio v1.1 Released

I just released a new version of Arconix Portfolio. You should be seeing it in your dashboards soon. This release ended up focusing primarily on adding customization options for displaying the portfolio items, while fixing a couple small bugs. I added a ‘title’ parameter to the shortcode for the location of the portfolio item title. […]

Arconix Portfolio v1.4.0

Another plugin that hasn’t received a great deal of love recently is my portfolio plugin. The last official release was October of 2013. This update brings about a couple of new features, an integration with another Arconix plugin and some general usability improvements. The user-requested feature¬†with this release was the ability to hyperlink the Portfolio […]

Arconix Shortcodes v0.9.2

I released a new version of the Arconix Shortcodes plugin over the weekend. This update adds a global flag that controls whether the jQuery Tools and my binding javascript is loaded or not. This has the benefit of a slightly faster-loading site as the 2 scripts won’t be loaded if unneeded, and hopefully will help […]

Arconix Shortcodes v1.2.0

Happy New Year everyone! Release version 1.2.0 of Arconix Shortcodes should be live on your dashboards. While you can read the full release notes if you’re so inclined, the main draw of this release for the vast majority of users will be the addition of a “load” parameter to the toggle. The default state is¬†closed, […]