An Update to Arconix Shortcodes

After a couple misfires, I released v0.9.5 of Arconix Shortcodes today. This version should finally fix any jQuery conflicts between my plugin and other properly coded plugins. Big thanks to user gasie for pointing out the source of the bug. I’m still working on v1.0 of the plugin, but it’s not likely to be […]

Arconix FAQ 1.2.0 Released

I just released v1.2 of Arconix FAQ. The highlight of this release for most users will be the addition of a “Return to Top link”. For longer FAQ’s, asking the reader to scroll to collapse the FAQ item wasn’t the best user experience. ┬áThe addition of this user-enabled link will help improve that experience. Other […]

Arconix FAQ Updates to 1.3

I’ve released an update to Arconix FAQ. With this new version I’ve added direct compatibility with version 1.9+ of jQuery for those of you using themes or plugins that don’t use the migration library. I also added a checkbox to the FAQ screen that allows you to set the initial state of the FAQ – […]

Arconix FAQ v1.1 Released

Keeping the releases coming, v1.1 of my Arconix FAQ plugin should be available to download in your WordPress dashboards. The major feature of this release is the much-requested ‘groups’ taxonomy, which allows users to assign FAQ items to one or more groups for a much more logical display on the user’s website. There are a […]

Arconix FAQ v1.4.0 Released

I pushed version 1.4.0 of my FAQ plugin to the WordPress repository last night. You should be seeing the update in your dashboard. There are two main features with this release. Improved integration with the WordPress 3.8 Dashboard. The icon in the left navigation window will now fit in with the overall WordPress look of […]