Looking for a New Home

tldr; I’m looking for a new home for my plugins. Interested? Read on or get in touch. I released my first plugin over 5 years ago. Since then I’ve added 4 more plugins to the official WordPress repository and created a number of others that didn’t get far off the ground for a number of reasons. WordPress […]

Must Start Somewhere

I’m wrapping up development on my first official plugin — Arconix Shortcodes. I had planned for its release this spring, but feature creep and life got in the way a little bit. Rather than make the “perfect” plugin from the start, I’ve frozen the features and am focused only on bug fixing and testing. This […]

New Documentation Site

It took a bit of time but I’ve finally moved all documentation from the Fogbugz wiki to its own dedicated site. You’ll now be able to find the documentation for all my plugins and themes at http://docs.arconixpc.com. All documentation links in the plugins already point to the new urls, however you’ll have to update your links […]

Preparing a Portfolio

In the continued effort of separating design from content, the next plugin I’ll be releasing is a portfolio plugin. This plugin will enable a user to create various portfolio items for display on their website, while providing them with the flexibility of changing themes without losing data. The plugin utilizes WordPress Custom Post Types and […]

Progress Report – Tab Linking

One of the requested features for Arconix-shortcodes v1.0 was to add the ability to link to a specific tab of a tab group. While it seemed easy enough, there were a couple things to keep in mind, and I thought it’d represent a good opportunity share the though process behind choosing the default behavior I […]