Now Available – Arconix Shortcodes

I’ve released my first plugin for WordPress, Arconix Shortcodes. This is a deliberately small collection of shortcodes meant to enhance the usability and aesthetics of any site. The highlights include: The plugin comes with built-in support for 8 colored buttons in 3 sizes (and with a little CSS knowledge you can extend that infinitely) Tabs […]

Must Start Somewhere

I’m wrapping up development on my first official plugin — Arconix Shortcodes. I had planned for its release this spring, but feature creep and life got in the way a little bit. Rather than make the “perfect” plugin from the start, I’ve frozen the features and am focused only on bug fixing and testing. This […]

Back Online

It took a little longer than I hoped it would, but I’m finally back online. Rather than code my own theme from scratch (which I would usually do), I’m using a slightly modified version of Biznizz from WooThemes. I still have some small adjustments to make (no unordered list styles, really?), but otherwise it’s a […]

WordPress Upgrading and Security

Keeping your WordPress powered website up-to-date is a necessity to prevent yourself from being a target, but doesn’t mean upgrading has to be difficult. The people at WordPress made the steps to upgrade easy enough that anyone can do it.