New Update – Arconix Shortcodes

A little over a week ago I released my first plugin — Arconix Shortcodes. I just released version 0.9.1, which adds the user-requested ability to control which accordion (if any) loads when the page loads. You can update to the latest version from your WordPress dashboard. If you want to read how to implement this […]

Now Available – Arconix Shortcodes

I’ve released my first plugin for WordPress, Arconix Shortcodes. This is a deliberately small collection of shortcodes meant to enhance the usability and aesthetics of any site. The highlights include: The plugin comes with built-in support for 8 colored buttons in 3 sizes (and with a little CSS knowledge you can extend that infinitely) Tabs […]

Must Start Somewhere

I’m wrapping up development on my first official plugin — Arconix Shortcodes. I had planned for its release this spring, but feature creep and life got in the way a little bit. Rather than make the “perfect” plugin from the start, I’ve frozen the features and am focused only on bug fixing and testing. This […]

Back Online

It took a little longer than I hoped it would, but I’m finally back online. Rather than code my own theme from scratch (which I would usually do), I’m using a slightly modified version of Biznizz from WooThemes. I still have some small adjustments to make (no unordered list styles, really?), but otherwise it’s a […]

WordPress Upgrading and Security

Keeping your WordPress powered website up-to-date is a necessity to prevent yourself from being a target, but doesn’t mean upgrading has to be difficult. The people at WordPress made the steps to upgrade easy enough that anyone can do it.