At Long Last – Arconix Shortcodes v1.1

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my shortcodes plugin, and I spent this latest release primarily adding user-requested features. One of the most requested enhancements for this round was adding a compatibility mode to the plugin. With all the other plugins and themes in the WordPress universe that happen to use the same shortcode […]

Flexslider v0.5 released

Having been about six months since the last release and needing some improvements, I recently finished updates to the Flexslider plugin. With this release, some significant strides have been made towards the goal of adapting this plugin to fit more applications. While it still focusing on displaying content that already exists (vs creating a ‘slide’ […]

Doing ‘X’ Without a Plugin

Inspired by a tutorial I saw this weekend, I have to rant. The tutorial was a variant on “How to Do ‘X’ Without a Plugin”, a type of tutorial the WordPress community sees a number of. That type of title, though, is infuriating to WordPress developers like myself, and actually following those tutorials in most […]

Arconix FAQ v1.1 Released

Keeping the releases coming, v1.1 of my Arconix FAQ plugin should be available to download in your WordPress dashboards. The major feature of this release is the much-requested ‘groups’ taxonomy, which allows users to assign FAQ items to one or more groups for a much more logical display on the user’s website. There are a […]

Arconix Portfolio v1.1 Released

I just released a new version of Arconix Portfolio. You should be seeing it in your dashboards soon. This release ended up focusing primarily on adding customization options for displaying the portfolio items, while fixing a couple small bugs. I added a ‘title’ parameter to the shortcode for the location of the portfolio item title. […]

Linking Portfolio Items to Pages

A user on the WordPress forums recently asked when using my portfolio plugin, how could we set up the plugin to link to a portfolio item’s specific page as opposed to a larger version of the featured image. While this should be a fairly straightforward customization, because of the number of themes out there and […]

Arconix Portfolio 1.0 Released

I’ve wrapped up development on v1.0 of the Arconix Portfolio plugin. A couple really nice changes for you in this update that should make this more usable than before. I added jQuery Quicksand support for animating the “feature” taxonomy filtering. To see a live demo of this, head over to the Quicksand website, so if […]

FlexSlider Update Released

I released v0.2 of the Arconix FlexSlider plugin last night. While there weren’t any major issues to begin with, I did add a couple user-requested feature: When creating the slider, we only pull in posts (or whatever post type you’re using) which have featured images, ignoring ones that don’t. I added additional image caption options, […]

Arconix FlexSlider Released

Arconix FlexSlider has been released. V0.1 can be downloaded from the¬†WordPress website or added to your website from the WordPress admin page. Documentation can be found here, and help can be found here. Being able to choose which post-type you’d like the widget to work with, along with the image size, make this slider extremely […]

Flex, Baby Flex

The latest plugin I’m working on is a responsive slider plugin. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking —¬†Another slider plugin? There are already too many — and to a degree, I can’t argue. The WordPress Extend site is flooded with jQuery sliders, many of which are quite redundant. This plugin is different for 2 […]