Free Genesis Child Theme

I love developing on the Genesis theme framework from StudioPress. I was redesigning my personal blog last month and after I was done, I figured I’d give away the theme for free. I called it SpringClean. Perhaps the name was a cry for help to get out of the terrible winter we’ve had here in […]

Arconix Testimonials Released

It’s later than I wanted to, but I finally finished up work on my newest plugin, Arconix Testimonials. This plugin allows you to easily showcase what people are saying about you or your business. Display that awesome feedback via a shortcode, widget or template tag. The plugin supports bylines, urls and gravatars for that extra […]

Arconix Shortcodes v1.2.0

Happy New Year everyone! Release version 1.2.0 of Arconix Shortcodes should be live on your dashboards. While you can read the full release notes if you’re so inclined, the main draw of this release for the vast majority of users will be the addition of a “load” parameter to the toggle. The default state is closed, […]

Bug Fix for Users of WooThemes Themes

Normally I don’t post updates on the blog for bug fix releases, but this one has been a thorn in my side — and in the side of a number of you — for a while and I felt it deserving of its own post. Previously, when using my Portfolio or FAQ plugins with any […]

Arconix Portfolio 1.3 Release

Following the update to Arconix FAQ, I’ve also released an update to my portfolio plugin. The biggest change in this version is that I’ve added the ability to individually configure the link destination for each portfolio item. Previously, it was a universal approach. Either you could link all the portfolio items to an image or […]

Arconix FAQ Updates to 1.3

I’ve released an update to Arconix FAQ. With this new version I’ve added direct compatibility with version 1.9+ of jQuery for those of you using themes or plugins that don’t use the migration library. I also added a checkbox to the FAQ screen that allows you to set the initial state of the FAQ – […]

Arconix FAQ 1.2.0 Released

I just released v1.2 of Arconix FAQ. The highlight of this release for most users will be the addition of a “Return to Top link”. For longer FAQ’s, asking the reader to scroll to collapse the FAQ item wasn’t the best user experience.  The addition of this user-enabled link will help improve that experience. Other […]

Arconix Portfolio 1.2.0 Now Available

I’m happy to report that version 1.2 of Arconix Portfolio is ready for you to download. The primary highlight of this release is a new taxonomy sort feature, but the release also includes some minor bug fixes and other general plugin optimizations. The update should be appearing in your dashboard soon. Previously the “feature” list was […]

Cobbler’s Children Have Their Shoes

So what do you think? I launched the new design a couple days ago and other than a couple minor issues regarding CSS and IE (shocking, I know), it’s been pretty bug-free. I spent a great deal of time on the design itself as well as a lot of custom plugin work. I’m using my […]

Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes

You all know the old saying, right? The cobbler is so busy making shoes for his customers that he neglects making shoes for his own children. Well, that’s what it has felt like around here a bit. I’ve been so busy with client work, improving and supporting my plugins and just life in general that […]