Arconix FAQ v1.6.0

I just pushed out an update to my popular FAQ plugin that adds some features and fixes a couple bugs.

The first feature is adding the correct textdomain so that when my plugin is imported into the new translation site it can be properly translated. It’s something I’ve overlooked for a long time and I’m glad to have this prepped for my international users.

The second feature was the ability to link to a specific group header, so if you have a list of FAQ groups and you want to link to a particular one — let’s say shipping for instance — the format to that is Replace the bolded parts with your specific parameters. If you’re not sure what the slug is for your group, go to and grab the value from the slug column.

The third feature was user-requested — the ability to display a single FAQ. If you’d like to do that, look on the FAQ listings screen and grab the value from the “Shortcode” column, or in the individual FAQ creation screen, look for the FAQ Shortcode box and grab the shortcode from there. The format is [faq p=X] where X is a number

I also fixed a bug that was causing my plugin to output bad CSS which was causing some odd issues, along with some refactoring to make maintaining and adding features a bit easier.


That’s all for this release. I already have some ideas for v1.7.0, and I’m always open to user feedback!