New Documentation Site

docs_homepageIt took a bit of time but I’ve finally moved all documentation from the Fogbugz wiki to its own dedicated site. You’ll now be able to find the documentation for all my plugins and themes at All documentation links in the plugins already point to the new urls, however you’ll have to update your links if you bookmarked the wiki sites. The only plugin I haven’t moved yet is arconix-shortcodes (UPDATE 2014/09/06 – shortcodes documentation has been published at the new location). That plugin is getting prepped for a massive v2.0 release and until it’s ready I don’t want to point it to the new site yet.

For those of you that are curious, the site is running a child theme of weDocs, which is a free theme if you’d like to set up your own site.

Take a peek and let me know how I can expand the documentation for you guys.

  • Singh1699

    How do we change the text colors in this plugin?

  • Dawn

    Good afternoon,

    I am using the faq plugin for one of my sites and am having troubles getting them to show up in a particular order. I have numbered the posts as 0, 1, 2, 3, etc., but they seem to show up in random order. Any ideas?

    • Hi Dawn,

      Thanks for using my plugin. When you say you numbered the posts, you filled in the “Order” box on the FAQ edit screen, correct? If so, then you’d want your FAQ shortcode to look like so:

      [faq orderby=menu_order]

      That will tell WordPress to use the order field you provided (the default sort is ASC, 0->9)

      • Dawn

        John, thanks for the reply. So when I go to the FAQ Menu from the WP Dashboard, and select New FAQ, one of the attributes is order. I have changed those to be in the order I want them to display and they show up not in that order.

        I added the shortcode you suggested, and the order does not change. This is what my shortcodes look like:


        [faq orderby=menu_order]

        Any other ideas?

        • There should only be 1 shortcode on the page and it should look like the second one you have listed. Remove the [faq] shortcode and just have the [faq orderby=menu_order] one

        • Dawn

          That worked, thank you so much!

        • glad to hear it!