Arconix FAQ v1.5.0 released

Only a few weeks after issuing a minor bug fix release, version 1.5.0 is ready for mass consumption. This release features 2 user-requested items, as well as the usual collection of miscellaneous backend improvements and other little things I get in to each release.

The most frequent request I got was adding an option to display the FAQ’s in an accordion configuration instead of the toggle configuration. The primary difference is when clicking on a FAQ title in an accordion config, any other open FAQ item would collapse, where toggles are all independently opened and closed. By default I’m loading the Smoothness theme (albeit with a slight modification), as I felt it fit best in the minimal approach I had established with the toggles, however if you’d like to load a different theme, the registration function is filterable for those who want to get their hands a little dirty, figuratively speaking. If you’d like to enable this, add style="accordion" to your [faq] shortcode.

The second user-requested feature in this release is adding an option to bypass the group check and output all FAQ’s as a single query. If you wanted to display your recently added FAQ’s for example, previously there was no way to do so if you were utilizing groups because of how the plugin needed to be structured. Now, by adding the shortcode parameter skip_group="true", the FAQ will query all FAQ’s and ignore the presence of any groups. This increases the plugin’s flexibility and should allow it to be used in more areas.

As usual, keep the suggestions coming, and if you enjoy using the plugin as much as I enjoy writing it please consider leaving a review. It may not seem like much, but I would really appreciate it.