Arconix FAQ v1.4.0 Released

I pushed version 1.4.0 of my FAQ plugin to the WordPress repository last night. You should be seeing the update in your dashboard. There are two main features with this release.

  1. Improved integration with the WordPress 3.8 Dashboard. The icon in the left navigation window will now fit in with the overall WordPress look of the new dashboard
  2. Menu-order is now supported. Previously users would have to add another plugin to custom order their FAQ’s. Now you can set the order using Menu Order like you can for Pages, Media and other supported types, even within groups.

There were a couple other fixes and miscellaneous improvements with this version as well. Those inclined can view the list of changes here.

As usual, keep those requests coming and let me know if you run into any issues.

  • Jonathan

    I’m running into trouble using your plugin with OptimizePress. It works fine on a page created via the standard WordPress > Add New Page feature, but doesn’t behave when used on a page created by OPs Page Builder. I end up with FAQs that are already open, though the symbol indicates that they are close, and does not function regardless. Any ideas how we can troubleshoot?


    • Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for using my plugin and I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having. Based on your description it sounds like the javascript for my plugin isn’t being loaded. That could be because there’s another javascript error that occurs prior to my script being executed or pages created by the Page Builder don’t include the `wp_footer()` function, which prevents my script (and probably others as well) from loading.

      The first thing I’d do is load the page where my FAQ is broken, open your browser’s Developer Tools (usually F12), and look for the console. In there check to see if there are any errors. If there are any errors, correct those first. If there are no errors, look at the page’s source (CTRL + U in Windows) and search for `arconix-faq.js`. If there are no hits, then `wp_footer()` isn’t being included when the footer is rendered.

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

      • Jonathan

        Thanks, we looked at all of this and there were no errors, but JS is definitely not loading in the footer (though other things are, including our own plugins) so whatever is happening seems definitely related to OP in specific. Yours works fine on a standard page.

        You can see our test page here: