Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes

You all know the old saying, right? The cobbler is so busy making shoes for his customers that he neglects making shoes for his own children. Well, that’s what it has felt like around here a bit. I’ve been so busy with client work, improving and supporting my plugins and just life in general that I’ve neglected my own website. But that’s changing. At the beginning of this year I started work on a brand new website for Arconix Computers built from the ground up on StudioPress’ Genesis Framework.

That’s a recent mockup of the look I’m going for. It’s a pretty drastic change from the current site, but also a dramatic improvement I think.

I’ve written quite a bit of custom code for this site, and for those interested, you can take a look at it over on GitHub. As part of the development of the theme I had to code a couple of new plugins and make some modifications to a couple of existing plugins. Shortly after I go live with the redesign I’ll be releasing the two new plugins and publishing my modified plugins to for anyone/everyone’s consumption.

I look to be going live with the new site in the next week or two, hopefully sooner.