Bug Fix for Users of WooThemes Themes

Normally I don’t post updates on the blog for bug fix releases, but this one has been a thorn in my side — and in the side of a number of you — for a while and I felt it deserving of its own post.

Previously, when using my Portfolio or FAQ plugins with any theme from WooThemes, the “Insert into post” button in the “Add Media” window would no longer function, preventing users from inserting images and other media into posts, pages, etc. The workaround that was in place was to disable my plugin, make the updates to the site and then re-enable the plugin. Not very elegant to say the least.

The problem turned out to be that WooThemes and the 3rd party library I used to help create and maintain the meta boxes in those plugins each contained a javascript function with the same name. This conflict caused the “Insert into post” button to stop working.

I had opened a ticket with the metabox library authors a month or so ago, but evidently the library is not actively maintained. It turns out the same issue was reported 2 years ago and a solution was even offered, but the authors never implemented it.

In any event, I edited the library myself and prefixed the conflicting function — issue resolved. If you update the affected plugin but still have troubles, do a force-refresh on your browser (typically CTRL + F5) when on the add post screen, which will cause your browser to download new copies of the libraries. You should see the updates in your dashboard soon.