Arconix Portfolio 1.3 Release

Following the update to Arconix FAQ, I’ve also released an update to my portfolio plugin. The biggest change in this version is that I’ve added the ability to individually configure the link destination for each portfolio item.

Previously, it was a universal approach. Either you could link all the portfolio items to an image or to a page; there were no other options. Now each item can be configured individually, so you can set one item to link to an image, another to a page, and, brand new, a third to an external link. That last item allows you to link to any URL you’d like, which could be a file you’ve uploaded to your site, a video on youtube or anything.

The update is backwards compatible, and gives the shortcode parameter preference over the individual configuration. Therefore if you’ve set your FAQ link to “page”, then that will continue, even if you go in and configure items individually. You’d have to edit the shortcode and remove the link param for the plugin to pay attention to the portfolio item configuration.

The update should be available in your dashboards, so go out and update. If you run into any questions, leave a comment or open a support thread.

  • Zelky

    Thanks John.

  • Monica

    Great feature! Is there a way to make an external link destination open in a new tab?

    • Hi Monica,

      That is a great question. I don’t have a ‘target’ option for links, so there is currently no way to force the link to open in a new window, and honestly it’s not something I really see adding unless there’s significant user demand.

      In terms of usability, it’s generally against best practice to force a behavior like that on the user because it’s not expected. If the user wants to open the link in a new tab, they can certainly tell their browser to do so.

      • Monica

        Hi John. Good insight on best practice. Some of my portfolio items are links to external sites (rather than to pdfs uploaded on my own site) and I worry about unintentionally losing my readers. but I do see your point. Thanks again!


    how to add pagination in the portfolio to show 10 items per page?

    • Unfortunately as of now I’ve been unable to reliably get pagination to work