Arconix Portfolio 1.2.0 Now Available

I’m happy to report that version 1.2 of Arconix Portfolio is ready for you to download. The primary highlight of this release is a new taxonomy sort feature, but the release also includes some minor bug fixes and other general plugin optimizations. The update should be appearing in your dashboard soon.

Previously the “feature” list was sorted alphabetically, and there was no way around that. Now using the terms_orderby and terms_order shortcode parameters, the features can be set to sort in any supported way. If you want a custom sort, it could be achieved by editing the slugs and prefixing them with numbers — “design” becomes “02-design”.

In terms of general optimizations, I’ve minified the jQuery Quicksand and plugin javascript files. The file size savings were about 50% on the Quicksand plugin and about 66% on the arconix-portfolio.js. While it won’t make a tremendous difference, it will help the plugin scale better with more pageviews.

For advanced users and theme developers, I’ve added some new filters. I’ve built all the plugin defaults, including query args, into one large array, which can be accessed via arconix_portfolio_defaults. There was no elegant way of completely shutting off the javascript or CSS calls previously, so I added filters for that as well — pre_register_arconix_portfolio_js and pre_register_arconix_portfolio_css. Simply add the filter and set the callback to the built-in function __return_false.

As always, I appreciate any feedback, so sound off in the comments.