Flexslider v0.5 released

Having been about six months since the last release and needing some improvements, I recently finished updates to the Flexslider plugin. With this release, some significant strides have been made towards the goal of adapting this plugin to fit more applications. While it still focusing on displaying content that already exists (vs creating a ‘slide’ post type to display on the front end), the flexslider can now be used as more than simply a rotating image slider. This release consists almost entirely of user-requested improvements, so please let your voice be heard. Head over to the Trello board or contact me to add your ideas. There were 2 notable updates and a few minor ones.

  • The flexslider can now be called via shortcode — add [ ac-flexslider ] (minus the spaces) to your post or page or other content area — in addition to the existing widget.
  • The post-type’s content can be displayed in its entirety or just the excerpt

That should greatly broaden the appeal of the plugin and hopefully allow it to be used in a lot more areas. Head over to the plugin page on WordPress to read the changelog for all the changes, if you’re interested.

Be sure to let me know if you run into any issues.

  • cartonic

    Everything is ok about this plugin, Installed it and thoug it’s not about a feature … When I try to add a slider widget everithing is ok minus the widget title isn’t saved.

    • Thanks for using my plugin cartonic. You are absolutely right… I apologize. I’ll work on getting a fix for that asap!

      • cartonic

        That was a hell of a quick response. Thanks !

  • borzoid

    Hi, I’m looking for a demo of this. I am not completely sure if this shows the post content or just the featured image and title?

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately I don’t have a demo, but the widget and shortcode have an option for showing the content, the excerpt or nothing at all.

  • Bidya Mim

    I have used the previous version of Flexslider. But this version is awesome. I needed some more plugins to make other uses. This soft has them. It’s nice.

  • raj

    Hmmmm…have been waiting for this version since a long time..And finally, its realeased. It’s really awesome to work with it.

  • Ṃìḵɇ-ṡh Ṁḫrzṉ

    I have been waiting for this release of plugin since a very long time and it’s finally released. It’s so great!

  • Mohan Acharya

    I am waiting for this version since a long time. It is very nice,

  • Oanh Vo

    This is the perfect plugin.I have used the previous version of Flexslider. But not with the same features as this new version. It’s great

  • Tamara Matic

    That’s excellent news !!! Now, the Flexslider is perfect!
    I will start use it again 🙂

  • ramgurung81555

    Wow . Its a excellent news and I think its quite good.

  • simon

    The old version of Flexslider is good, but the new one is perfect. Thanks.

  • Deepesh Thapa

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  • Anita Neupane

    Thankyou for sharing. I was searching this kind of info.. very informative 🙂 This new version of
    Flexslider is really good.