FlexSlider Update Released

I released v0.2 of the Arconix FlexSlider plugin last night. While there weren’t any major issues to begin with, I did add a couple user-requested feature:

  1. When creating the slider, we only pull in posts (or whatever post type you’re using) which have featured images, ignoring ones that don’t.
  2. I added additional image caption options, so instead of just being able to pull in the Post Title, we can also pull in the image title or the image caption. As always, ‘none’ is still an option.

I also added a developer option for filtering the post types that show up in the select box. WordPress has the following builtin post types – post, page, attachment, nav_menu_item and revision. Since the last 3 cannot have featured images, it makes no sense to show them. Initially I was indivdiually unsetting them, but that’s inefficient and not very flexible, so I created an array with all the post types I want excluded, and I wrapped that in a filter called ‘acfs_exclude_post_types’ that can be modified by another plugin or the theme’s functions.php file. You can read more about filters here.

I hope you enjoy my latest release, and please let me know if you find any bugs or think something should be added.