Flex, Baby Flex

The latest plugin I’m working on is a responsive slider plugin. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking — Another slider plugin? There are already too many — and to a degree, I can’t argue. The WordPress Extend site is flooded with jQuery sliders, many of which are quite redundant. This plugin is different for 2 distinct reasons.

Fully Responsive

Responsive web design is all the rage right now, and for good reason. Designing multiple, separate sites to cater to PC’s, tablets and smartphones is difficult and time consuming (even if we ignore the potential of maintaining content in multiple places). Responsive design uses style changes to alter the website’s layout depending on the device the visitor is using. This means just 1 site, 1 set of content to serve to visitors, which is far more manageable. There are not a lot of sliders that are responsive by design, but the Flexslider jQuery script that I’m using to power this plugin is. That’s not to say you need a responsive theme to use this slider, you don’t, but that means styling this plugin to fit a responsive WordPress theme is already that much easier.

More Flexible

Most slider plugins add a new post type (like “slides”), or hard code the “posts” type into their plugin. But what if you were using a portfolio plugin and you wanted to show a rotating slider of recent items from your portfolio on the front page of your site? If the plugin developer hadn’t created a slider widget with the plugin, you’d probably have to write one on your own. Not an easy task for most. This plugin allows you to select any registered post type to generate the slider, and as long as your post type supports post-thumbnails and you’re using Featured Images, this slider will work. It also allows you to choose from any image size available to display these images, and they’ll automatically be resized as the browser window shrinks.

I’m not aware of any slider plugin that is that powerful and that flexible, and that’s where this plugin shines. Look for Arconix FlexSlider to debut shortly.