Arconix Portfolio v1.1 Released

I just released a new version of Arconix Portfolio. You should be seeing it in your dashboards soon. This release ended up focusing primarily on adding customization options for displaying the portfolio items, while fixing a couple small bugs.

I added a ‘title’ parameter to the shortcode for the location of the portfolio item title. It supports “above” and “below”, which refers to whether the the title shows above or below the portfolio image.

If the feature tags were being used, there was a heading text that showed to the left of all the features. In order to change that text, the plugin file would have to be hacked. That’s no longer the case as ‘heading’ has been added as a parameter. The default value is “Display”.

The biggest addition was the ability to filter on a ‘feature’ item. For example, if you only want to display portfolio items tagged with a specific ‘feature’, then provide the ‘terms’ parameter with that feature. If you want to display all portfolio items except ones from a specific ‘feature’, then provide the ‘terms’ parameter with the feature you want to exclude and set the ‘operator’ parameter to ‘NOT IN’.

Example: I want to hide portfolio items with the “foo” feature

As always, be sure to check out the Wiki Page for more information on using the shortcode. Check out the Dev board if you want to see what’s upcoming, and be sure to let me know what features you want me to add next.