Arconix Portfolio 1.0 Released

I’ve wrapped up development on v1.0 of the Arconix Portfolio plugin. A couple really nice changes for you in this update that should make this more usable than before.

I added jQuery Quicksand support for animating the “feature” taxonomy filtering. To see a live demo of this, head over to the Quicksand website, so if you are using “features” with your portfolio as a way to tag your portfolio items, this update should really crank up the “wow” factor when viewing your portfolio. If you’ve customized the plugin CSS, this update completely overhauls that file, unfortunately, so you’ll need to re-do any customizations. I’ve added inline comments where appropriate to the CSS file, which should make customization faster.

I also added a shortcode parameter for displaying the portfolio title. The default is to continue to show it as that was the behavior in the release version of the plugin, but if you add the title parameter and give it a value of anything other than “yes”, the item title will not display.

The last thing I added was a small addition to the dashboard widget. I’ve linked to my plugin’s Trello board. Trello is web-based project management software that is very easy to use. I’m currently using it on all of my plugins, but I’ll only be adding links to my plugin’s respective development boardsĀ  as I release updates to the plugins themselves. You can view all the boards by visiting Arconix Computers on Trello

I plan on doing a followup post both on my experience writing the code for jQuery Quicksand and my use of Trello, so look for 1 or both of those in the next couple weeks.