Arconix FlexSlider Released

Arconix FlexSlider has been released. V0.1 can be downloaded from the WordPress website or added to your website from the WordPress admin page. Documentation can be found here, and help can be found here. Being able to choose which post-type you’d like the widget to work with, along with the image size, make this slider extremely flexible, something that I think a lot of people will like.

As noted, this is a v0.1 release, and while I don’t know of any bugs, it’s not a very mature plugin. That’s where I need your help. Use the plugin and tell me how I can improve it. You can reach me through my contact page, Twitter, Facebook or Google +.

  • Mike

    Hi, I installed your plugin but it is not scaling as expected. When you shrink the browser, the image width gets smaller (as expected), but the height remains the same resulting in a distorted image.

    • Hi Mike,

      My first thought is that height:auto is being overridden for some reason, but I’d have to look. Is that a live site you could post the link to?

  • Suraj

    Great article. Flixslider is very good now. Really enjoying this.

  • vivekas085

    This is good article ..this version is well updated