Arconix FAQ v1.1 Released

Keeping the releases coming, v1.1 of my Arconix FAQ plugin should be available to download in your WordPress dashboards. The major feature of this release is the much-requested ‘groups’ taxonomy, which allows users to assign FAQ items to one or more groups for a much more logical display on the user’s website.

There are a couple things worth noticing in the screenshot.

  1. Everything is, by default, alphabetical. This can be overcome by changing the order and orderby parameters in the FAQ shortcode, or by numbering the FAQ items into whichever order you’d like. For example, using 1. What is Foo?, 2. How can I find Bar?
  2. Underneath ‘group a’ you’ll note a section of text. That is configurable from the ‘group’ edit screen. To get there, go to FAQ -> Groups from the Dashboard. On the right, click on the group name to get to the Group edit screen. The last box at the bottom is a description box. Whatever you enter there will show up beneath the Group title when the FAQ items are displayed.

Please keep in mind, you cannot mix and match the groups functionality. Since we’re outputting the FAQ items by group, if a FAQ item does not belong to a group, it will not be displayed.

So try it out and let me know how this new functionality is working for you. If there’s anything else you think I should add, let me know and I’ll add it to the dev board.