Now Available – Arconix Shortcodes

I’ve released my first plugin for WordPress, Arconix Shortcodes. This is a deliberately small collection of shortcodes meant to enhance the usability and aesthetics of any site. The highlights include:

8 colored buttons in 3 sizes
The plugin comes with built-in support for 8 colored buttons in 3 sizes (and with a little CSS knowledge you can extend that infinitely)

Tabs and accordions for flexible presentation of content

A number of different content boxes for helping your content stand out.

Stop using the boring bullets for presenting lists and add a little flair with these unordered list styles.


There are more shortcodes and many more hidden gems in this plugin that are more suited for their own posts, including how to override the stylesheet and javascript file and take total control of the plugin. I’ll be writing followup posts to talk about those and provide some tutorials.

For now, head over to the plugin’s wiki to read about how to start using the shortcodes on your site. If you need help, you can contact me on the WP Support forums, Twitter, Facebook or e-mail.