Must Start Somewhere

I’m wrapping up development on my first official plugin — Arconix Shortcodes. I had planned for its release this spring, but feature creep and life got in the way a little bit. Rather than make the “perfect” plugin from the start, I’ve frozen the features and am focused only on bug fixing and testing. This will truly will be a “v1.0”, but I have significant plans for its expansion. The reason I even wrote this plugin because I like to provide a shortcode collection for sites I develop for my clients. I used to include the shortcodes individually for each project, but as my client list has grown, maintenance and version control has become a significant problem. Moving everything to a plugin will allow me to standardize on a single codebase, which will be a huge help. And instead of hosting this on my server and only allowing my clients access, I felt doing this in a plugin would be a good experience for me, and will formally be my first plugin to the community — so do try to be nice ;).

This will be the first of hopefully a number of plugins I’ll be releasing. Following Arconix Shortcodes I have 3 or 4 more plugins I’d like to release that address common features I add to client projects. I’ll be releasing those to the community as well, but no exact timetable as of yet. Once I have a solid base of plugins, I’m planning on starting work on some themes that will incorporate those plugins functionality, and I have some nifty ideas for how I’d like to manage all of their design options. But like the title says, I have to start somewhere, so look for Arconix Shortcodes to drop in September.