Back Online

It took a little longer than I hoped it would, but I’m finally back online. Rather than code my own theme from scratch (which I would usually do), I’m using a slightly modified version of Biznizz from WooThemes. I still have some small adjustments to make (no unordered list styles, really?), but otherwise it’s a pretty solid theme.

Upon bringing everything back, I took the time to utilize WordPress 3.0’s Multi-Site feature. Combined with a Domain Mapping plugin, I can host any number of websites off 1 install of WordPress, which makes keeping WordPress and plugins up-to-date a snap. For those of my customers who I manage website maintenance, I’ll be migrating you over to my central install over the next couple months. There should only be no more than 8 hours of downtime as the internet must update itself to point to your site’s new server address (your won’t change, however).

So take a look around and let me know what you think. I welcome your comments below.