An Update to Arconix Shortcodes

After a couple misfires, I released v0.9.5 of Arconix Shortcodes today. This version should finally fix any jQuery conflicts between my plugin and other properly coded plugins. Big thanks to user gasie for pointing out the source of the bug.

I’m still working on v1.0 of the plugin, but it’s not likely to be released until after my testimonials plugin is finished.

  • David

    I updated, and now my accordions don’t open in either IE or Firefox…

  • David

    Here’s a page that isn’t working, for example –

    • Hi David,

      Sorry to hear you’re having problems. I’m curious, I see you have a plugin called wp-ui currently enabled. It has much of the same functionality mine does. Is there a reason both are enabled? Could you try disabling the wp-ui plugin and see if your accordions start working again?

      • David

        That was actually one of the first things I tried, to no effect.

        But here’s an interesting twist. The reason I installed the arconix shortcode set was because the wp-ui tab function was working great, but *their* accordion function also wasn’t working on my site.

        So I installed arconix, which *was* working, even with both plugins active. Whatever was “incorrect” about your prior version was actually allowing it to function on my site! And now neither accordion plug-in is working, though tabs do.

        FYI, also tried the spoiler shortcode. Same problem. It looks like anything that slides *down* doesn’t want to run.

        • That really is bizarre. It does look like you’ve got accordions working with another plugin, so that’s good. Best of luck to you!