WordPress Upgrading and Security

You may or may not have heard over the last few days about a security exploit being used against websites running old versions of WordPress. As most of you know, WordPress is one of my favorite platforms to work on because it’s easy to develop for and easy to use. Being a very popular, web-based platform means it has a big target on its back (similar to why virus writers choose to write viruses for Windows and not Macs). Not keeping up with the latest versions of software leaves you vulnerable to these attacks.

One of the things that I stress during my training sessions with my customers is how to properly upgrade your WordPress powered websites, however I felt it would be worth going over again here. When you log in to the administration section of your website (www.domain.com/wp-admin/), if you’re not running the latest version of WordPress, you should be presented with a couple notifications. Under the ‘Right Now’ Section on the landing page will be a line that says “You are using WordPress x.x.x”. The x’s would be shown as numbers indicating your current version. If that isn’t the latest version, click on the Upgrade Now button that will be to the right of that version number. The process is automatic and when it is complete, it will let you know.

Q. How will I know when a new version comes out? A. WordPress will notify you through the administration panel. If you are a customer of mine, I will also send out e-mail notifications letting you know when an upgrade is available.

Keeping your website up-to-date will leave it as safe as possible, and less likely to be a target. As always, if you need upgrade assistance, you can always contact me.